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Feeling the Spirit in the Office

One of the things I am really learning is that being in the offices is still part of the mission, but is still very diffrent. If we are not to careful the offices can just be an offices even though we are doing things for the church. Later in the week you will see a blog post appear about an experince I had this week.

Thinking about this I really have been studying how can we feel and recognize the spirit. For me this is something that is really hard, and I have heard many things that have helped me and I can and probably will write many more blog posts about recognizing the spirit, because it is not only one of the most important things we need to do but something that I am really studying.

For now I want to just write about feeling the spirit in the office or how you can feel the spirit througout the day. I know they are your usualy sunday school answers but they are basics and are very imporant that is the importance of prayer, and scripture study. I can testify now that these basics help us feel the spirit during the day even when we are not in the church. First and foremost as you will read in another blog post about my experince of personal scripture study in the near future. Since I have been here the past three weeks I will be honest we have not had our studies everyday and I can tell you there is a huge diffrence. The other is just simply always having a prayer in our hearts.

For now I want to talk about some changes we have made here in the office that have made us really feel the spirit and change how we have worked this past week. When I first got here we would come in and just start working and that was it, we also had tongs of problems with coordination because we have to share a car and with all 6 of us having to do very difffrent things, on time and in diffrent places it made it really hard. This also made tentions rise and at times we would have a spirit of contention.

How did we fix it. Well president Smith suggested we start everyday with a meeting where we verify the plans, and plan for the next day. This is going to help either way, but he then said we need to start it with a devotional and a hymn. This is something that is only 10 or 15 minutes at the most but not only are we working more effciently, but I can say I am not just working in an office but the office of a mission.

Other things that has been intresting ways to feel the spirit is through focusing on christ attributes. Especially at times when we are driving and people cut us off, or we get a call from a angry land lord.  Things are very diffrent when you have to start the conversation off with Elder Holt speaking from the Montevideo Oeste Mission. How can I help you?  Focusing on those attributes have really helped especially focusing on the attribute with patience. We get a variety of calls, and we receive a lot of them, but becuase there is a focus on helping the person and being a representive Christ there is a huge diffrence in this offices than any other offices I have worked on and that diffrence is the spirit.

Hope you all have a good week. On a side note I am to a point some of these things are easier to just write in spanish or think in spanish it is funny to think I never thought I would have this probably where I had such a struggle with the languag

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