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What We Teach

This week was really a good week. We had a last minute confrence and working in the office means we have to help buy everything with following all of the rules and processes the churches has which is a lot of processes and sometimes makes it dificult to work but in the end keeps everything running well and organized.

The confrence was really good. We went over what is it that we are suppose to teach. When I got to the mission we were introduced lessons 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Basically all 3 are lesson 1 from Preach  my gospel. The idea is they are just organized in away to give commitiments and teach a very short lesson with a lot of impact. In the end we always should listen to the spirit but we were given guidlines on how to do them.

Confusions of these lessons came varied from some thinking that 1.1 was just a lesson about prayer other thought it was to just teach the restoration. In the end the purpose is to teach the restoration in a way that the investigators can have an experince with prayers and pray asking Father in Heaven for what they need most in there life. We were also trained on how to connect and ask them to ask to see if Joesph Smith was called as a prophet, becuase this is also very important.

1.2 is about the Book of Mormon. Missionaries would do exactly has was given a year ago mostly word for word. I feel into this group. We would read the interduction and the first 12 verses of the Book of Mormon. We were told the purpose is to help them have an experince with the Book of Mormon. usually this will work but the message always needs to be applied to their needs because that is what the gospel is for us and our needs. The commitment is after god has answere there prayers for them to prepare to follow the example of Christ and be baptizied.

1.3 A lot of people were focusign on the doctrine of christ which is really important, and next week I will explain this because it was amazing what we learned and when we have applied this lesson we have had tons of success. For right now 1.3 is mostly a verification part but usually held if we can in the church and we review about how the priesthood authority exists today and the need of the sacrad ordinaces such as baptisim and the sacrement. If they have not already usually this is when they should accept baptisim.

I wish I had more time to explain I am short on time today. I can say these three lessons have changed peoples lives not just because this is the restored church, and the message is true but these lessons teach gospel princples in a way that can be connected and made personal for every person. The Gospel is gods plan for us to return back from him, when we really apply it to our lives we can see the truth. This week I have caught myself saying if only they had the gospel. I use not ot think it was a huge diffrence but after talking to tons of people who are not relgious in any regard to people who are very active in other relgions that they are missing something some more than others and that is the restored gospel of Jesues Christ.

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