martes, 14 de julio de 2015

Prepare, Interact, and Commit

This week in Rosario has been really a lot of work. We are not working with any innactive members because all of them have been visited and do not really want anything, with us or any of the other missionaries that have passed by. In otherwords we we are contact basically all of the time. We have actually had a lot of success for this area we taught the restoration a 7 different people this week Which is really good for this area. We are hoping they will progress. Right now we have one family that shows a lot of promise.

We also had a really great confrence with President Smith yesterday. We talked alot about what the Apostles shared with all of the mission Presidents in the last training. It was kinda of cool I was looking on and had seen the report so I had a little head start but he held the confrence with this format and it was amazing

The first part is prepare. He asked us all to read the book of Jhon before the confrence and think about what we learned and how we are going to apply it to our misisons.

Then in the conference it was basically an hour of passing the microphone around and sharing what we learned. The idea is we need to be come prepared so we can interact.

Towards the end. President smith changed the questions because everyone was just sharing what they learned, but asked us to share not just what we learned but how we were going to change to because of this new information.

The conference went from amazing to really amazing because it was a lot more applicable. he also told to not just listen to the words but try and listen to what the spirit was telling us not to write only what the misisonareis said but thoughts we had.

For example I wrote something like this I need to make sure I do everything the lord expects of me today so I can feel the gratitude of being obedient tomorrow.

It was really great. he explained that all of our studies should be like this and if they are not we need to repent, because if we are only studying to study and not looking for ways to apply it or if we are not really preparing for our lessons we will only have a good lesson and not a lesson with the spirit. He also talked about the importance of how we need to leave things every lesson and make sure they are doing the reading assignments so they come prepared if not the investigator will not feel the spirit as well.

I am short on time but I want to invite all of you to Read the book of Jhon. It was amazing to read all of the testimonies about our Savior. I then invite you to share it with someone member or non member because as member misionarie we need to invite all to Christ and that means inviting people that are already living the gospel.  Todays active members who do not feel loved or do not understand are tomorrows less actives.