jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

The Importance of Feedback

If you look in a Preach Gospel you will see in Chapter 8 about planning if you go through the steps the last step I do not know what you would call it in English but here we call it Paso Trece. In this step is where we talk about difficulties we are having with the other, things we need to do better, and so forth. We had a training on this chapter in planning from Preach my Gospel and President Smith taught us a method to give this feed back. This is how it is translated.

What I most value about....(Your work, efforts, the way you teach, etc.)
What I think you can do more efficient is.....

When President taught us this he taught us not only how important it is to give and recieve feedback. This has really changed the mission and has really helped me and companions get a long better and resolve problems and help us be a lot more effective. This week we have had a lot of these some more intense than others, but It has really helped out and this last week has led us to be way effective in the offices and in the field. We have given two of our investigators baptismal dates! It has been great feeling, but it has been a trial of our faith and work. It is really an answer to our prayers. I can really testify that prayers coupled with obedience, faith, and of course trials of faith well prepare us for the moments God has set up for us to suceed.

This week has been a huge turn around becasue of the feedback. Because of our contact with finances we have been blessed to have meeting with President Smith everyonce and a while and some times getting feedback from him can be a very humbling experince, but the feedback has blessed our companionship, our area, the lives of the people we are teaching, and has impacted me and made me a better person.

I would just like to conclude this blog post asking for your feedback about the blog I am writing and things you like about it, and things you would like to see or how I can improve it.  Please post your feedback for me in the comments so I can see that and tomrrow when I get on for Pday can apply your feedback for me. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your day!

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