jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Welcome to the Office

Currently I just got changed to Montevideo and it has been really fun so far. I am in the offices where we help a lot with the finances is the part I am over. I am Financer 2 so right now I just work on small projects mainly making sure rent, water, and light are all paid for the houses, and missionaries get all of the recipts they need reimburst done. In other words I also deal with a lot of frustrated landlords, realesteate agents, and missionaries about money. Our phone goes of all day. There are also a lot of bigger projects that we do such as proposals for president and keeping him informed about the finances of the mission. I have only been here for a week and it is crazy.

We do have a car and I will be getting a liscence here and driving in the next few weeks which will be fun. It will be like playing mario cart but in real life.  I have really gotten to see the mission from another side and it is amazing as missionaries especially who are in the field the whole time...we still go out every night and teach, but anyway we are really well taken care of and blessed it is amazing all of the work that goes behind a missionary and making sure changes work and have all the materials they need so they can focus on the work.

I tis also a lot less sleep. Fortunatly I missed the audit, but we have had to go pick up mini mission or people preparing to leave on missions who go out with missionaries for 6 weeks at the bus station at 3 in the morning 2 days but that should stop until changes in 6 weeks.

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