martes, 24 de junio de 2014

A Note From the Confrence

We had a really good confrence and we learned a lot. I wanted to make sure I shared part of what Elder Robins the Seventy that talked to us shared. He started of by asking if we could be converted and feel the spirit with all 5 phiscal senses.  He then went on and read several scriptures how Laman and Lemuel had spiritual experinces with basically all of the sense but still did not have a testimony.

We then went to Alama when he is talking about his conversion and how he knows these things. I don't have the chapter or refrence by me so I will put it in a comment later but in this part he said nothing about seeing an angel, and said it was through praying, fasting, and thourgh the holy ghost that he recieved his testimony.

It was a really cool story. He also shared a part about excuses and going to church in Lucas 14 and it was really intresting because we have a lot of people who don't go to church when they say the will. I never knew about this scripture but it is just really blunt about our excuses and how imporant the sacremant is.

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