sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

Our Time to Prepare

This Sunday was a really good sunday and a huge eye opener for me. Last minute I was asked to teach priesthood. The lesson went well, but was really hard becasue I didn't know have of the words. It was also a topic I wasn't the most famliar with either. I had known what the lesson would be and this week we had not had suffcient time to do all of our langugae studies.

Next right before sacrement meeting I was asked to hurry play something on the piano while people were coming in and play the other songs. The bishop was under the impresson I could play because he heard me play a song I had memorized all the years back when I played the piano. Luckly I just played the right and for people to sit down, and the other songs well we sang acopella. Sometimes the singing here isn't the most in tune with the piano but without it was a little more like yelling.  At this time I can say I looked back wish I would have been prepared more for this moment. I have been practicing for a month in case something like this happened but I am still not able to play any hymns that way.

Durint the Sacrement we realized the person who was going to give us lunch this fast sunday was not there, and we would not have lunch. We did a lot of work but eventually found a family who is in a very humble situation who shared with us which was amazing, but before we had found lunch we thought we could just eat at the house. Unfortunatly they had ate the emergency food the change before I arrivied so we were caught unprepared if we couldn't find anyone.

In the end I really thought a lot about how we need to be preparing for time of oppertunity, and time of crisis.  In the end it reminded me of Alma 34 verse 32 to 34 which takes about how our life is a time to prepare to meet God and we can't wait till the last minute.  In the end it was a really good experince.

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