lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Living in a screen

This week has been really busy. I have thought a lot about sharing the gospel online in word council they talked about a facebook group they are using. I am talking a lot with president about using social media for missionaries.  We have one investigator who well it is just hard to teach her because she is always on her phone on facebook.

It reminded me of someone I was talking about in the communcation department at Dixie and how people these days are always on Facebook and if they aren´t they are on the phone. He even gave an example how when people go to concerts first thing they usually do is pull out the phones and watch the concert through the phone while they are recording rather than living in the moment.

There was an article on about internet safety and it said two things I thought were really intresting is first using the technology for good, and sharing the gospel. The second was to unplug.

I can honestly say in an hour and half I am amazed at what I get done and only using the computer once a week it has been really nice. I can say yes I will love to use my facebook when I get back and it really can help the work here but at the sametime it dosen´t need to control our lives.

This is one of the hardest parts about teaching people here because it even if they are really poor they still have a TV or Facebook. This week has been a lot about alignign our priorities. I have also noticed how much of a distraction it is. If a TV is on it is amazing how long we are at a house if we aren´t careful.  I guess with this I want to give 2 challanges first make a and second someitme in the next couple of weeks take an unplug day turn of facebook on the smartphone or even leave it off for a while and not watch tv and go spend time out doors or something with the family or even reading the scriptures if you haven´t done that for a while. Remember to live life and not live in a screen. It is amazing how even in a country here in Uruguay where there are tons of poverty and problems how much people still live in a screen.

Have a good week everyone,

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