lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

A Week of Last Minute

This week not a lot really happened.  My companion has had some healthy problems and has had to stay in the house for the week. Fortunately for a majority of the day he would stay with a member and I would try to leave with other members.

This also happened to be the week where we would be going to parts of the area I have never been or even really knew how to get to, or find people that he knew that I didn´t. This made it really hard but in the end it all worked out.

One things that was really hard working with members is when really a problem with working with anyone is when they say they can help but then they can´t, and don´t let you know until you are already there waiting form them. Being where we have to be with each other or a member made this really difficult when this happened and it happened a lot, this would usually happen after we had called everyone in the ward who could leave with us.

Reminded me of a scripture of how the Lord never took the burdens away from the children of Isreal but made there burdens light. This week was really hard but something always happened and I would leave with the other elders and they luckily wouldjn´t have plans so they could accompany to a reference we found which was really good. Sadly it is very far and we weren´t able to follow up with her after to invite her to church again after giving her a baptisimal date so sadly she lost that date and we will have to give her a new baptisimal date.

Another good experince was last minute a Hermano dropped everything to help and this was the last day of the week a week of no success and we basically were just going contacting but went to visit some people who usually aren´t there and we had good lessons and it was great to have him there because he actually knew them and we had amazing lessons.

In the end sometimes we have to do somethings that are difficult and it might seem till we have no other option but if we keep the faith something will appear at the last minute.

Have a good week. we hare having a double mission confrence this week and hopefully will have a lot more to say where I will be working with my companion again this week.

Love you all

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