lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

What would you give for what you want?

This week has been really good. Young is a really small town. It is a lot of older people and a lot of the members are related in someway. For example one member has a picture with 5 generations she is 77 and had 16 kids, and I forgot all of the other numbers of grand kids, great grand kids, and great great grand kids.

I think I have written a lot about desires but this week has been intresting to reflect. I usually like it when people sincerly tell us they do not have intrest in our message because then we just do not go back, we do not waste there time, and we do not waste our time. This situation has happened a lot on my mission.  Sadly here this has been the time where I have probably been rejected the most, and not just from people on the street but members who just really do not have desires to comeback. I am can really visulize the profets when they said they were in anguish to see the hardening of the hearts of the people.

This last week we have had a lots of lessons on desires and it is intresting we go to famlilies and have great lessons and they say they want to have eternal life, and we share the story of King Lamoni and how he was willing to give up everything, they agree and then....nothing least for now. It has been intresting to see how we can give all we can and sometimes things just do not work out, or the things we take for granted is something that someone here is fighting to accomplish their life long dream.

In the end I have decided our desires can be so strong, but if we do not have the faith to change we will not get results. I like to think of the slogan or motto about the stupidity of expecting diffrent results by doing the same thing. . 

If you have time to goot he the index of the book of mormon and read the about conversion. It being converted really means that we need to have desires but most of all giving all we can to achieve our desires or for me the eternal life.

It is amazing to see at the end of the mision I am more converted then I probably ever have been in my life, yet I know conversion only will grow each day. I think back a few years before the mission and just remembering if I could even really just say I knew god exists like some people had told me. I would have been happy, or thinking of some of my goals. I never obtained it then....because I never really wanted it, not bad enough to fight for it. I really believe a lot of times we are content but we to stive to obtain our testimony, and anything else we want. I want to invite all of you to evauluate your conversion then ask do you really have the conversion that you have always wanted, or are you just content?

I would like to conclude there is a diffrence between wanting everything our father in heaven has given us, and just being selfish. For example I can want and want to have 100 baptisms or some crazy mission stories out of my mission that and ask why did I not have an experince like so and so, but in Alma 29 I have learned even though we should always be looking for the best we have to be balanced and be grateful for the blessings that we have.

My Desires is to finish this next 2 months the best I can and give it all I can be the convert I want my converts to be.

What is your desires, and what would you be willing to do to achieve them?

I promise when we like King Lamoni and really act on our desires we will recieve our reward. I love the irony of how he is willing to give up his whole kindgdom, when all he has to do is pray to know. To me shows that some times are answers are much more simplier than we think, but after how immediatly after Ammon finishes talking, he goes, acts, and prays.

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