martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

Its Black and White

This week has been really calm. We found a new investigator and have just continuted teaching the same people who are progressing. This week was the best week we had in the church and there were several peple missing that usually come every week due to random things.

One of the big things I have been applying this week is basing truths and confirming them by comparing to them by their oppsites. This has been an idea Elder Robins of the 70 talked about on during the most recent brodcast to the youth. He saws that if we are looking for fireflies we could possibly find them in the middle of the day but they would be really hard to see, at night when they are in a dark background they are a lot easier to spot. He compared this to faith. for example we can belive god is god of order and if we do not believe this when we believe he his a god of disorder.  We can believe the family can be happy and last for the eterneties or we can believe in death do us part and families are just problems.  He used this principle to explain that a lt of people who say they do not have much faith have a lot more faith then they might realize. This has been crucial in helping people comeback.

I have also compared it to many other thigns for example I am a lot more grateful for things. When things are going bad we can usually imagine a worse situation and everything seems to be great. after. Obedience. We can be selective or obey with exactness. Once we compare the blessings or put aside our justifications it is a lot easier to see the way.

We can also apply this to goals if we do not plan we can not evaluate but once we put our goals with what we accomplished we can clearly see where we need to go.  In the words of President Smith

See it
Own it
Solve it
Do it.

In the end choosing to follow Christ is black or white you do or do not. Todays world thrives no living in the gray zone or justifiying there actions. So many people today are just conforming to what is going on. I am not saying that living in the world is easy or saying to go and be an extremist, but we need to choose where we want to be, be there and make sure we are acting in accordance with what we believe.

I am really sad to be leaving Rivera this week. But it amazing to see the changes and the changes that will be coming this next change for the ward I wish I could be there but I will be going to another area and will be traveling a lot each week. I will be part of the stake Paysandu but I will be living in another department Rio Negro in a city called Young.

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