lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Repecting Others the key to changing the world

I am sorry for not using this blog for a long time i completely forgot about it and have decicded I am going to start using it again. I am short on time but here is a copy and paste of what I sent to my family this week.

As  contacting people in my time here in Uruguay  i am learning frist we can not judge others we really have no idea who is ready and who is not ready to recieve the gospel. Secound we just need to have respect for all relgions this week was a real hard experince with this i did division in another ward and i was helping a recent convert and we found her younger sister that is not attending. her plan was to lie through the lesson but i felt something was diffrent and i decided to take control of the lesson and changed it and it was something i can not explain but all i can say was what needed to be said was said and she cried a little bit but said then that she prefers her new relgion which is black magic..... her sister who is preparing for a mission was crying, and the missionary i was with understood mucical band not the band of black magic. (he later confirmied i was right later in the week). it was such a strong lesson and it was not teaching but it was showing we really care ane testimonies and inviting her to find out for herself. In the end we still have to be respectful, it would only have made things worst if not.  It would be amazing how things would chagne in the world if people just respected and lived there own beliefs. for example the 10 commandment keeping the sabbath day holy is in all christian relgions and really we know there are tons of things that break the sabbath. Respect for our own beliefs and respect for others.  Something that does not happen to much here or really in all of the world I am sure it is the same. Hopefully the elderes will respect her still talk to her but with love and kindness and one day through the example of her sister she will come back and obtain her own testimoney of the gospel of jesues christ.

You can also see some pictures of me this week on Elder Telomas blog

Hope you all have a good week and remember to be respectful to everyone even when there are big diffrences of opnion.

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  1. Respect is very important.
    Perhaps the surest test of an individual's integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage his self-respect.
    Thomas S. Monson