lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Personal Prayer

I am really short on timet his week. I just found out someone that I found and have a baptisimal date will be getting baptized in one of my old areas which is really cool. I want to talk about personal prayer. We had a confrence where the question was is how can I get more out of my personal prayers. Because of time I am going to list the steps and simply say it helps a lot and I have seen tons of fruits from doing these things President Smith instructted us.

1 Start with a hymn
2 Think and if you can write what you are going to say in your prayer
3 Pray with faith believeling you will recieve a response but most importantly act on the answer.
4 end the prayer and write your feelings.

This is best usted before and after scripture study and remember to as to understand what you are going to read and ask the questions you want to recieve answers.

He then said to meditate on it all day then at night give a report about your prayer and pray for these things.

Simply I can say I have really learned a lot and almost every study had questions answered, and have felt the spirit more. A big thing for me is prayer was a big struggle for me and i had this question and it and others were answered in this confrence. Cool part is I didn´t even tell president smith about these questions. This has happened the last 2 confrences and in General Confrence. Elder Sorenson also when he expalined what he learned in his study helped me find an answer as well.

Anyway tell next week.

Love you all

Elder Holt

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