lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

True Christianity

. I was just thinking what would the world be like if everyone lived what they believe. For a while i thought basically everyone lives the 10 commandments but after watching this video it really made me think what would the world be like if everyone really lived just these 10 commandments.

10 Commandments Video

I have decided we can not chagne society, but we can change what we do and we as latter saints really can live our beliefs and we may have friends that really do not want to be part of our church but we should encourage them to live there beliefs. For example we talk to many evangelicals and some are really great and others just using it as a label. I will be honest I feel we can find these people in our church as well but it should not be it. I have seen things where ward members here go out and do things openly that is not in accordance to the gospel, but then want us to teach there future spouse or friend.  These people have a wrong idea waht is a mormon because their mormon friends are using their fatih as a title.

I loved in confrence when the general authority talked about Nelson Mandela and used the story where it defined a saint as a sinner that is trying to live as perfectly as he can. I do now want to say I am perfect or ever will be, but if we all try and be true chistians, and true members of the church of Jesues Christ of latter day Saints we will see changes even amongst the polar oppsite beliefs of the world.

This video was on during confrence in the world report, but I have been thinking a lot about true christianity. It is really intresting I have talked a lot about multifaith events, and the faithcounts from the church and respecting everyone

True Christianity

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